On Episode 4 of MPTV, Matt meets with Nabih David, owner of Butterbee’s, a sit-down dine-in restaurant; Tender Towne, a fast-casual chicken tender chain; and Skyline, a fast-casual chili chain, to discuss best practices as a Restaurant Owner versus Business Owner.

In this episode, we dive into why:
👉🏽 Great service and great staff is more important than the type of food served
👉🏽 Setting Staff Standards is important
👉🏽 Location is KEY
👉🏽 The Restaurant Owner Mindset takes precedence over the Business Owner Mindset
👉🏽 Third Party Delivery attracts new customers
👉🏽 Word-of-Mouth grows Catering
👉🏽 And more!

*Please note, this interview was recorded prior to the Covid-19 Outbreak and accompanying major restaurant interruptions, but the topics are still relevant with today’s events.

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